This is a share sale of an operating company with all assets owned by the company.

The Deep Auto Court & fishing Camp Ltd. was incorporated under the “Companies Act” on June 5th, 1962. Certificate of Incorporation No. 53,718 Victoria, British Columbia. Canada.

The minute books have been completely updated and amended to reflect the recent changes in the “Companies Act”.

The Deep Bay Auto Court & Fishing Camp Ltd. is now also known by the trade name, Deep Bay RV Park (DBRVP).


The DBRVP is located on the eastern shores of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It is located approximately 180 km. north of the provincial capital of Victoria and mid way between the towns of Parksville and Courtenay. The DBRVP is centrally located on Vancouver Island.

The DBRVP faces east and fronts on the Gulf of Georgia. The Gulf of Georgia is a large body of salt water almost completely surrounded by land, but, connected to the Pacific Ocean. This protected body of water offers world class boating, fishing, recreation and wildlife viewing opportunities.


This property has been in the same family for 57 years. The DBRVP was known as the Deep Bay Fishing Resort for many years and it has been a very popular salmon fishing camp since 1950.

The DBRVP is a going concern and it is self supporting. The reason for offering this prime property for sale is because the owners (3) have all reached retirement age.

Land base.

The Deep Bay RV Park (DBRVP) is comprised of 4 lots;

Lot 1, Plan 45313, D.L. 27. Newcastle Land District.
1.124 Ha.

B.C. Assessment roll number 769 – 13989.000.
Alberni Rural.

Lot 2, Plan 7560, D.L. 27. Newcastle Land District.
0.614 Ha.

B.C assessment roll number 769 – 13990.000.
Alberni Rural.

Lot 3, Plan 7560, D.L. 27. Newcastle Land District.
0.529 Ha.

B.C. Assessment roll number 769 – 13991.000.
Alberni Rural.

Lot 4, Plan 7560, D.L. 27. Newcastle Land District.
0.806 Ha.

B.C. Assessment roll number 769 – 13992.000.
Alberni Rural.

License – Aquatic Lands. License No. 105588 for commercial boat ramp purposes - 7 metres wide and 45 metres long.

B.C. Assessment roll number 769 – 13989.001
Alberni Rural.

The properties have a combined total of 3.073 ha.
The properties have a combined total of 419.97 metres of beachfront.

Archaeological Assessment.

We have had a Site Inspection Permit N0. 1990-30. Archaeological Inventory of DiSe 7: Lot 1, Plan 45313, D.L. 27 completed. We are in the process of having an archaeological site inspection done of Lots 2, 3, 4 Plan 7560, D.L. 27. Newcastle Land District.

We are presently in the process of having Lots 2, 3 and 4 assessed. The report will be out soon.

Environmental Assessment.

We are presently in the process of having an environmental assessment done on all 4 lots.

Zoning and land use regulations.

The DBRVP zoning and land use is controlled by the Regional District of Nanaimo under the following documents:

Regional Growth strategy, Bylaw #1309.

Electoral Area ‘H’ Official Community Plan – Bylaw No. 1335. 5.6 Resort Commercial. A.4 Environmentally Sensitive Features. Development

Permit Area.

Zoning and subdivision Bylaw Number 500. Section 3.4.15 Commercial 5 CM5M and Section 3.4.62 RS2M. Permitted Uses and Minimum

Site Area.

The properties are zoned CM5M (93% - 28000 square metres) approximately and RS2M (7% - 2000 square metres) approximately.

There is no building inspection in Electoral Area ‘H’.

All of the above mentioned documents can be obtained from;

The Regional District of Nanaimo,
Community Services,
6300 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo,
B.C. Canada.
V9T 6N2

Telephone: (250) – 390 – 6510.
Fax: (250) 390 – 7511.

International Country Code 01.



The DBRVP is a member of the B.C Campgrounds and Lodging Association, Suite 209, 3003 St.John’s Street, Port Moody, B.C. V3H 2C4

Tel. 604 945 – 7676.

We advertise in Super Camping (page 9) , BC Approved Accommodation Guide, Deep Bay, page 24 -

We are also in the BCAA Campgrounds listings


These properties are currently being operated as a recreational vehicle park. This business is self supporting and debt free. We think that the highest and best use for this property would be a resort condominium development, however, because it is in 4 separate titles each lot could be developed separately for residential uses. The property is located about 400 metres from the small harbour called Deep Bay which is one of the best natural small harbours on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

The properties are also adjacent to Denman and Hornby Islands. The picturesque Crome Island Light Station is directly in front of and in full view of the properties.

The beach in front of the property consists of a mixture of sand, gravel and mostly small rocks. There are 2 large tidal lagoons directly in front of the properties. This tidal area is home to many species of shellfish, such as: oysters, clams, mussels. This beach area is also home to many species of waterfowl, such as: Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, loons and diving ducks. There are also many sea mammals, such as: Harbour Seals, California Sea Lions (seasonal) and the occasional pod of Orca’s pass by.

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The Deep Bay Auto Court & Fishing Camp Ltd. is offered for sale as of 2005 09 12.